Dang, this summer’s been awesome so far! I’ve been spending lots of time with lots of really great friends (several of whom I’ll be sad to see them return to nampa not too long from now…) (really great friends also includes these guys I live with), I’ve made lots of new friends too, and to top it all off, the weather’s been awesome.

Oh, and i’ve been reading a lot instead of watching movies…and it’s awesome!

Oh, and i’ve been cooking for myself instead of going out a lot…and i love it!

Oh jeez–how could i forget–I’ve been riding my bike tons! I love my bike!

 On monday nights during the summer, there’s a Portland concert series that takes place at a beautiful park on the river in our neighborhood. Our church was asked to host the Bike Corral this year. It’s pretty much just a bike parking lot, but we keep them safe and organized. They’ve never had a bike corral until this year and we made it happen! It was just such a great snapshot of what’s been happening–I had one of those moments where the sight, sound, smell, feel is all etched into my brain as I’m looking down across 3000 people to the river where the sun’s being reflected off of it and back at us as wisps of cotton meander through the air like summer time snow flakes–all the while, i’m surrounded by several great friends as well as meeting many more…It was beautiful.

 Another snapshot from the summer i’ll never forget is on the 3rd green of The Childrens Course (a 3 par, 9 hole golf course in Gladstone, OR). Chris Spicer tees off and manages to send his ball straight towards a small group of elderlies enjoying the 4th green. It seems Chris can’t shout “FORE” loud enough, or soon enough because no one seemed to react. Chris had just recently proclaimed how he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, but right then he hit the broad side of a man’s leg. The man was totally fine so I felt ok about practically being on the ground laughing about it as I’m teeing up to go next. The icing on the cake was when the man in the motorized wheelchair, oxygen tank in hand, wheels up to the ball, miraculously stands up out of the chair to toss Chris his ball.

They were all really good sports about it.

 All the while this beautiful summer’s been happening around here, my dad’s in the middle of an epic motorcycle road trip with his best friend, and my sister and caleb are on an even more epic road trip on the east coast. (Follow their blogress at http://calebandtori.blogspot.com

 I love life. And i love you too.