Deconstruction is something that I don’t want to be apart of anymore. Particularly when it comes to the church. I was in this mode of deconstruction when i was still in Idaho…for at least the last year–no definitely longer than that. At least 2 years before I moved to Portland, and honestly, I don’t know if I would’ve moved if it weren’t for my deconstructive attitude…

i’ll explain myself.

I was so stuck in thinking about all of the things I really didn’t like about going to church…and the church in general. It was like I got a high off of imagining what a really awesome church would be like and having conversations about how much change needs to happen. This is a mode I was in for over 2 years. 2 years of discontent with something I was so involved in–even in leadership in–and I didn’t do anything to change it.


And here I am. In portland and on staff with a really great church that really is a beautiful expression of church and something I’m really thrilled to be apart of. I hope I’m not coming across like I’m expressing regret for moving here–but more regret for my terrible attitude towards churches I went to in the treasure valley. There’s not a single church that I really loved going to there–but there were definitely really wonderful people (at least one or two :-]) at every single one I went to…and I’m sure if I got involved enough (or cared enough?), I would have found some really great people whom I could have learned a lot from.


I’m not even trying to say “be the change you want to see.” I mean, sure–change stuff if you have the capacity to and you really believe there should be change. But I would definitely encourage anyone/everyone to find what’s beautiful about somewhere rather than looking for what about it pisses you off.


believe me, you’ll enjoy it more and you’ll probably be a lot more pleasant to be around.