So i was thinking about my post from last night–the one about the lady who pissed me off….but seriously? Who am I to say she’s right and I’m wrong? I don’t know if I can ever really say for sure what Jesus would and would not do. Who am I to say who God is and what He really cares about… but then I go and form my own lousy opinions and only end up putting Him in a different box of another color and shape. Maybe I’m just as offensive with my opinions? Who am I to say I’m any more “enlightened” than she is? These are some Zao lyrics that have been my prayer before when I felt like the worst failure ever…and I was reminded of these words as I pondered this last night. The song’s called Ember

My sight finally returns only to see my hands covered with the innocent blood of those I stand before as an example. And I hold this ember in my heart: It reminds me of who I once was. It’s the only warmth that I know. Ember of Your faithfulness; Ember of Your still small voice; Ember of embracing arms; Ember of rebirth to You my King. I offer up this ember for the wind of Your Spirit to consume:  Consume by fire.

Purge their blood from my hands