There’s this lady who comes into Peet’s who goes to some church here in Portland that entertains about 3000 people between it’s several services in a weekend. She is a K-LOVE (christian radio) “ambassador” and is spreading tracks and paraphernalia for her church like it’s making a difference. She’s given several of my coworkers cd’s to borrow–like Mercy Me, Casting Crowns, and Derek Bruster…something like that. She trapped me one day when we were slow to talking to her for about an hour. I told her about my church–and the fact that I’m a staff member here. I told her about my house and how much I love being here…but since her church averages more than 3000 and mine averages around 100, she thinks her church is better than mine and I should join her “team” and come to the college aged service at her church because of how state of the art it is and for how it’s like a rock and roll concert every friday night. She is very judgmental and abrasive the way she handles “evangelism” and it was embarrassing watching her try to pressure my friends/coworkers into coming to church too.I’m not trying to say her church is all bad or whatever, and I’m not saying that she’s not well-intended, but for Christ’s sake, I was so embarrassed to be associated with her today. When she left, one of my coworkers said, “There she goes! Going to kick some ass and conquer the world! And Jesus has got her back!” Of course he was kidding…but I couldn’t help but say, “No he doesn’t!”I had to apologize to them because of what a turn off she is to the gospel of love and unity and grace that I’ve experienced. They could see the difference between me and her, but they also couldn’t help but lump me together with her because we both fell underneath this huge umbrella called “christian.” It ended up being a great/breakthrough conversation between several of us—but it also broke my heart to think about the path of destruction she’s leaving “in jesus’ name.”I hate to sound cynical, but I just had to get this off my chest. I hope i don’t come across too heretical.      

I didn’t capitalize “christian” in the title of this blog on purpose.