Today I arrived at work (Peet’s Coffee & Tea), not too particularly excited to be there. It was kind of a weird morning–one of those ones that happens about once every month when everyone in my house is gone before 9am–which is when I usually wake up. Since I didn’t have to be at work until 3, I just decided to get some stuff done around the house, do some laundry, and maybe go for a bike ride or watch a movie. Turns out, I watched a movie which was probably a bad choice. For one, I didn’t particularly enjoy the movie (Year of the Dog), and I felt lazy and I really should have gotten out to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. 

Anyways, it had been a weird morning, I was feeling fairly lethargic, and I wasn’t particularly excited to be at work for various reasons–when my poor attitude was interrupted by an encouraging note left in my locker by a fellow co-worker. It was left anonymous but this person just wanted to let me know that they noticed and appreciated my hard work and said that they felt inspired by my work ethic and positive attitude. This totally caught me off guard–but also turned my frown upside down! I couldn’t help but really focus on having a positive attitude at work, and also encouraging others in what they’re doing as well.

In a society taken over by sarcasm and opportunistic/self-seeking behavior, I was just reminded how uncommon, yet completely uplifting a genuinely encouraging word can be.

I think we should encourage each other more often.